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We are an integrity-driven business offering practical, effective, results-based business solutions geared to assisting business-owners achieve their goals and enhancing their quality of life.

Peak Performance Consulting Services, Inc. (PPCS) brings over 20 years senior management experience in the Caribbean and US. We also pride ourselves as being part of a national network of Certified Trusted Advisors connected to the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED).

PPCS’s core competency includes:

  • Turning around underperforming sales and service organizations;
  • Designing and executing business development strategies to increase revenues and market share;
  • Building award winning sales, marketing, business development, and customer service teams;
  • Transitioning organizations through acquisitions, "right-sizing" and downsizings;
  • Designing and implementing training solutions;
  • Ensuring organizational change to achieve Company vision.

Our Promise to You

Here are the 7 commitments we give to you:

  1. We are "partners" not salesmen – Our aim is not to befriend you in order to ‘make a sale’ then disappear but to build a long term relationship with you. That is why we can guarantee results…because we expect to be around to be held to account for their delivery.

  2. We are action-driven not talkers – No plan or strategy is worth much unless and until it is put into practice. Getting the work done in a timely manner is paramount.

  3. We are results-based not theorists – While theory is good many problems can’t be solved by book-learning alone, they also require a creative and practical application to the real world of the particular business and the unique needs of each owner.

  4. We are consultative not 'lone-rangers' – Our job is not to tell you how to run your business but to work with you to achieve the targets and goals which we have determined together.

  5. We are transparent not selective – You are kept in the picture from the get go. What we say is what we mean and what we mean is what we say. We deliver on our promises and only make promises we intend to keep. There is no hidden agenda.

  6. We respect your confidentiality we don’t gossip – Information received or delivered in the course of our work for you is yours to keep, unless you give permission otherwise.

  7. We are for sustainability not dependency – Our aim is to strengthen your business by increasing the skills and competencies available to you in running it not to provide a "crutch" on which you should become dependent.
You can contact us at 954.742.8332 | 954.305.3647 or by e-mail at


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